promotions and happenings
Halloween Night - Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Glow Stick Mania - Are you brave enough to go through our haunt with
no lights on?  The only light you will have is the glow stick in your hands.
Come on out and brave the darkness.
$15.00 per person - no coupons accepted
Screamers Haunted House 2017
We have  attractions to quench your thirst for terror.
Screamers Haunted House
and the newly added
aze of Confusion
Are you brave enough to conquer both haunts?
Screamers Haunted House 2017
re you GAME?
Our newest addition to the haunt is the
Take your last ride from the mortuary to the cemetery and let our
scare-takers lower you to your final resting place.