this was amazing, most haunted houses are small, crowded, and smelly ;p but this one is different, cant judge a
book by its cover because when you step inside you will realize why its the best haunted house in indiana, amazing
actors, all original work, cant beat it, come down and just try not to scream ;)
Posted 10/13/14

Love this place!!!????????????????

Best haunted house Elwood ever had! This is a huge building with twists & turns & rooms & the actors come out of
nowhere & scream scare & follow you when you don't even know it!! I'm definitely going back!!
Posted 10/12/14

I asked them not to scare my 4 year old too bad...they totally nailed it. Went thru without kids & got the scare of my
life!!! you gotta see this one!!!
Posted 10/12/14

totally unique...awesome
best I've been to in years...unique, different, wonderful live actors instead of a bunch of mechanical stuff!! well
worth th inexpensive price..well worth the girlfriend peed her pants!!!
Posted 10/12/14

One of the best Haunted Houses yet
Absolutely one of the best and most scariest Haunted House I have been to in a long time. No movie characters or
anything you have seen before and can almost guarantee you will get scared around any turn or room you walk in
to! Defiantly worth the drive and the money!
Posted 10/12/14

Best live actors
No Hollywood theatrics here!! I was given a preview & these actors are fantastic!! The maze of rooms & haunts at
every turn & corner are fantastic!! My heart was racing at not knowing what was in each room & who would jump
out & from where did they come from?!!! Well worth the price!!!
Posted 10/9/14

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